Caravan of Health (The Republic of Tajikistan)



Signed Grants

Within the framework of the first competition for EFSD grants for projects in the social sphere, the EFSD Council adopted a decision of 29 December 2018 to approve funding of the Caravan of Health project in the Republic of Tajikistan (hereinafter referred to as the Project) in the amount of US $2 million.

The aim of the Project is to improve prevention and detection of diseases in rural and remote areas.

The project involves:

  • enhancing the institutional capacity of medical care facilities in the area of diagnostics and prevention of diseases in rural and remote areas through the acquisition and delivery of two road trains, each consisting of three mobile medical units and a crew vehicle;
  • developing all the relevant organizational and methodical documentation and outreach materials for the operation of the road trains; and
  • performing initial medical screening examinations and implementing public health education campaigns using the road trains over a period of one year.

The project provides for the allocation of US $2 million by 31 December 2020 for the acquisition of two road trains, each consisting of three mobile health clinics and a crew vehicle, for the Clinical Hospital of the Sughd Region named after S. Kutfiddinov and the Regional Clinical Hospital named after B. Vokhidov of the Executive body of State authority of Khatlon Oblast and the operation of these road trains for one year. During that period, the beneficiary is to perform preventive examinations, primary disease prevention and public health education activities in rural and remote areas of the country using the road trains, as well as to prepare and launch a mechanism for further financing of the project from its budget. The implementation of the project is expected to ensure a sustained expansion of the coverage of preventive examinations in rural and remote areas of the country.