EFSD Country Access Limits

Limits determine the maximum level of the EFSD financing available to a member state.

  • are set by the EFSD Council in proportion to GNI per capita;
  • Include all forms of loans to country;
  • are subject to annual (more often if needed) revision by the EFSD Council based on the proposals of the EFSD Manager;
  • Russia indicated that it will use its limit only to finance large-scale integration projects;

If needed, particularly in implementation of large-scale projects, member states decide to allocate part of its limit to another member state of the EFSD.

Member country
As % to total amount of the Fund US$ million
Armenia 13 1223
Belarus 21 1976
Kazakhstan 24 2258
Kyrgyz Republic
3 282
Russia 37 3482
Tajikistan 2 188