Sovereign Financing Database (SFD)

Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development presents the EFSD Sovereign Financing Database (SFD).

For the SFD methodology please refer to the EFSD Working Paper WP/23/1 “Introduction to the EFSD Sovereign Financing Database”.

To access the Fund’s publications, please use this link.

Monitoring of Sovereign Financing by IFIs and Development Agencies in Eurasia Q1 2023

Monitoring of Sovereign Financing by IFIs and Development Agencies in Eurasia Q2 2023

Download Database File as July 1st, 2023

Data is updated quarterly

The EFSD Sovereign Financing Database (SFD) is the intellectual property of the EFSD. The SFD may be reprinted and otherwise copied, either wholly or in part, including any large fragments, and published on external electronic resources subject to obligatory reference to the original SFD.

The database is maintained by the EFSD. This database is a research product and not an official publication. The EFSD and its governing bodies do not guarantee the comprehensiveness or accuracy of the data included in this work.

The data presented is primarily derived from the IFIs` official websites and latest publicly available IFIs` documents. The data is for informational purposes only and may not be exhaustive. The tool is not intended to be a statistical estimate of total sovereign financing but rather to aggregate the latest sovereign financing from IFIs in order to provide a real-time view.

The EFSD would welcome feedback on the content and usage of the dataset. Kindly refer your comments, questions, requests to

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