Call for Proposals for the Fourth Round of Project Preparation Grants under the Europe and Central Asia Region Capacity Development (ECAPDEV)Trust Fund

30 August 2013

Almaty, 11 September 2013. Eurasian continental integration was in the focus of the representative Eurasia 2013 Forum organised by the Emerging Markets Forum and Nazarbayev University in Astana. On Wednesday this issue was discussed at the session Regional Cooperation in the Eurasian Region and Developing Regional Trade and Investments. The session was moderated by Sergey Shatalov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board at Eurasian Development Bank (EDB).

The participants in the discussion stated that economic ties on the Eurasian continent are undergoing fundamental changes. “The web of ties between Europe, North and Central Eurasia, South and Southeast Asia becomes increasingly dense,” said Evgeny Vinokurov, Director of the EDB Centre for Integration Studies, at the forum. “It is particularly visible in the area of trade and investment. Here Eurasia becomes not only more integrated, but also increasingly multipolar: Chinese and Russian transnational companies are now serious players all over the continent.”

The World Bank (WB) announced the Call for Proposals for the Fourth Round of Project Preparation Grants under the ECAPDEV TF.

Thanks to the generosity of the Government of the Russian Federation, there is an allocation of approximately $6 million for this fourth round of grants.

Grants could fund preparation of operations proposed to be financed by the Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC) Anti-Crisis Fund (ACF) and/or the WB for all sectors, all kinds of instruments (Investment Lending, DPL, PforR financing and guarantees).

Please submit your proposals, that are to be financed by the WB, using the attached PCN template (look the link below) to Keta Ruiz (, Ketevan Nozadze ( by October 15, 2013.

Please submit your proposals, that are to be financed by the ACF, using the attached PCN template (look the link below) to Sergey Shatalov ( and Ulan Sarbanov ( and cc to Keta Ruiz ( and Ketevan Nozadze ( by October 15, 2013.

Details about the ECAPDEV TF and submission of grants:

The main objective of this TF Program is to support improvements in the quality and speed of project preparation complemented by focused capacity development in eligible countries in the Europe and Central Asia region. As the quality of project preparation is one of the key factors affecting outcomes, this TF will be an important tool to enhance operational quality. Ultimately, this will help the lower-income countries in the ECA Region to strengthen their capacity to design and implement their investments. The following lists the criteria:

  • Grants will be recipient executed.
  • The maximum amount is US$700,000 which could fund preparation of operations proposed to be financed by the EurAsEC ACF or WB for all sectors, all kinds of instruments.
  • Eligible countries are lower income borrowing countries in ECA (those with a 2010 GNI per capita of US$4,000 or less).

The grants could also fund the preparation of regional operations provided they include countries that are eligible for single-country project preparation grants. The grants would fund the preparation of development operations according to country development priorities. These could include technical designs, results frameworks, operational manuals, social and environmental assessments, economic analysis, and consultations.

The grants are expected to be used to fund consultants’ services, essential goods and operating costs, and training. Civil works, salaries of civil servants, and other expenses will not be eligible for financing under the TF as per the TF’s objectives and criteria.

ECA Region Capacity Development TF Objectives, Criteria and Processing Steps
Grant Concept Note Template
Financing Plan Template