Evgeny Vinokurov on economic growth in central Asia

11 November 2021

Evgeny Vinokurov, Chief Economist at the EDB and the EFSD, in an exclusive article reflects on why the economy of Central Asia should be viewed from a new perspective. “The economic growth of the Central Asian region, the journey it has made over the past 30 years, and the magnitude of the economic changes witnessed in recent years are impressive. The countries of Central Asia have undergone profound transformations and have emerged as part of a large, prominent and fast-growing region. The regional GDP in 2019 reached US$ 300 billion. In 2020, the aggregate GDP of the region amounted to US$ 285 billion, an increase from US$ 42 billion in 2000. By the end of 2021, this indicator will exceed its pre-pandemic level. On average, over the past twenty-year period, the economies of the Central Asian countries have grown by 6.7% annually,” says Evgeny Vinokurov.

Источник: Rossiyskaya Gazeta (newspaper, RF), Polpred.com (РФ)